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Conax PL-16-B12 Power Lead Glands - 16 Gauge - 12 Wire - 3/4 in. Thread NPT - Cap End Threaded

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  • Temperature Range: -300° F to +450° F (-185° C to +232° C)
  • Pressure Range: Vacuum to 10,000 PSIG (690 bar) – see Pressure Ratings in Specifications Chart.
  • 600 Volts to 55 amps
  • Seals 1-18 Wires
  • Easy installation – no “potting”
  • Wire Identification Markers applied
  • Thermocouple Material conductors available, 18 gauge standard, other wire gauges optional


  • Conax PL glands may be purchased with or without wire. If supplied with wire, solid copper wire with Kapton® insulation is standard. This is provided as 24inches total with the gland centered at mid-point.
  • Standard sealants are Grafoil or Teflon. Other materials for wire and sealants can be provided for special applications. Consult Amron International for more information on available options.
  • Terminals can be furnished on all wire ends if specified, at additional cost. Bulk wire is available for field assembly of PL glands.
  • Conax PL gland bodies with NPT threads and SAE threads are constructed from 303SST standard. Weld-neck style gland bodies are constructed from 316LSST standard. Caps and followers for all styles are constructed from 303SST standard. Many optional materials are also available, including, Monel 405, Hastelloy C276, Inconel and more.
  • Cap Style A offers a mounting thread only. Cap Style B provides threading on both ends for attachment to conduit or terminal heads.


  • Replacement Packing Sets are available. These consist of a sealant and two insulators.
  • Replacement sealants may also be ordered separately.
  • To order a Replacement Packing Set, order:
    • RPS – (Gland) – (Wire Gauge) – (Number of Holes) – (Sealant)
      Example: RPS-PL-12-3-T
  • To order a Replacement Sealant only, order:
    • RS – (Gland) – (Wire Gauge) – (Number of Holes) – (Sealant)
      Example: RS-PL-12-3-T

Special Notes:

  • The replaceable sealant permits repeated use of the same fitting. Assembly is simple and may be done in the field. Simply insert the elements and torque the cap. 
  • To replace the sealant or elements, simply loosen the cap, replace the necessary items, relubricate and retorque the cap.
  • Conax PL Glands are supplied factory lubricated. When reused, the glands should be relubricated to maintain the published torque and pressure ratings.
  • If glands are cleaned prior to assembly, they should be relubricated.
  • On weld mount models, the heat from the welding process will destroy the lubricant. These models must be relubricated prior to use.

Conax Technologies Model PL (Power Lead) Glands offered by Amron International seal on insulated lead wire for use in transformers, motors, conduit boxes and pressure/vacuum chambers and as power or instrument feed throughs. The soft sealant technology seals against gases or liquids and resists element movement under pressure. Immersion length adjustments and easy replacement of elements can be accomplished in the field.

Please reference the printable Part No. Builder diagram located under the Attachments Tab on this page. For product part numbers not listed in the drop down menu, please contact Amron International to inquire about these items and to receive a quote.


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