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Tru-Spec CWU27-P X-Fire Flight Suit - Midnight Navy

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  • Increased comfort - the 80% cotton gives the feel and comfort of an all cotton garment because the cotton is blended with the warp and filling yarns allowing for a cotton feel both inside and out.
  • Equal or similar flame resistant properties - Interlock™ cotton fabrics are treated with a durable FR chemical treatment that lock the flame resistant properties in the fabric. Fabrics treated with this process were tested after 100 washings and showed no loss in FR properties with a char length of 2.0" to 2.5".
  • Color retention - Interlock™ 80/20 blend fabrics possesses superior color retention when compared to other FR fabrics.
  • Reduced costs - with increased comfort and FR properties, the X-Fire™ by TRU-SPEC® Interlock™ fabric has a 20-30% savings over Defender M and other FR fabrics.
  • Durability - The 80% FR treated cotton of the X-Fire™ Interlock™ fabric is a naturally durable fabric that does not need to be mixed with other fibers to increase the durability of the material and loses none of it’s inherent thermal protection in the process.
  • Shrinkage - in independent tests Defender M shrank 5.0% in length and 4.3% in width while Interlock™ fabric shrank 2.9% in length and showed virtually no shrinkage in width giving Interlock™ a better overall shrinkage rate.


  •  Material: 6.5 oz. X-Fire™ Interlock™ 80% FR Treated Cotton / 20% Nomex®

Testing Standards

X-Fire™ by tru-spec® Interlock™ fabric meets or exceeds the following testing standards: 

Results confirmed and provided by: Mount Vernon Mills

  • NFPA 2112
    • ASTM 1930 Manikin burn test - performed at DuPont™ witnessed by UL
    • ASTM D6413 Char length and confirmation of No Melt No Drip fabric
  • ASTM 1506-08 Standard performance specification for wearing apparel for use by electrical workers to momentary arc and related thermal hazards
    • ASTM F 1959 Test determines arc rating
    • ASTM D 6413 Char length and No Melt No Drip verification
  • NFPA 70 E Standard for electrical safety in the workplace - In Compliance

Comparison study major flame retardant competitors and X-Fire by independent testing lab:

  1. X-Fire™ performed equal to or exceeded all competitors in direct comparison of FR properties in 3 separate standard FR tests including Defender M and all modacrylics:
    1. In the after flame test - X-Fire™ exhibited no measurable after flame.
    2. In the after glow test - X-Fire™ had 7/10ths of a second of after glow on averages while competitors such as modacrylics had after glows averages of 10-12 seconds, staying hot and hazardous much longer.
    3. In the char length testing - X-Fire™ performed with the best of the competition. X-Fire™ average char lengths in testing was 2", well below the certification standards. X-Fire™ results were equal to Defender M and exceeded the char lengths results of modacryrlics.
  2. Moisture wicking and breathability- X-Fire™ by tru-spec® far exceeded all products for it’s moisture wicking ability. The 80% cotton blend provides superior breathability to all competitors. X-Fire™ moisture wicking ability was more than double the moisture wicking results of Defender M, while Modacrylics exhibited no moisture wicking ability.
  3. Abrasion resistance - the 6.5 ounce X-Fire™ Interlock™ Cotton/Nomex® fiber blend X-Fire™ was a durable performer that once again performed a the top of the class of competition. X-Fire™ outperformed Defender M and all modacrylics of the same weight.

Burn man test conducted at DuPont™ laboratory:

Burn man results on separate tests support an average burn rating on the covered portions of the body of 21% with only 14% rating as second degree burns. Survival ratings for someone wearing X-Fire™ in all age groups was 95-100%.

Results confirmed and provided by: Under Writers Lab

  • NFPA 2112-2007 - Under Writers Lab Certified
    • ASTM 1930 Manikin Test - Results: 37% Body Burn (Maximum Requirement 50%)
    • ASTM D 6413 Test Method for Vertical Flame Resistance of Textiles.
      Results: Char length Original 67.2 x 64.0 mm (Maximum allowed 100 mm)
      Char length 100 IL’s 51.2 x 57.6 mm (Maximum allowed 100 mm)
      Flammability No Melting No Dripping
      After Flame 0 Sec (Maximum Requirement 2 Sec)
    • TPP Test Results: Contact 8.4 cal/cm2 @ Original (Min Requirement 3.0 Contact)
      Contact 9.0 cal/cm2 @ 25 Washes (Min Requirement 3.0 Contact)
      Spaced 8.5 cal/cm2 @ Original (Min Requirement 6.0 Spaced)
      Spaced 9.2 cal/cm2 @ 25 Washes (Min Requirement 6.0 Spaced)
    • Heat and Thermal Shrinkage Resistance Test
      Results: 1.9 x .6 % Original (Max Requirement 10%)
      1.3 x .7 % After Wash (Max Requirement 10%)
  • ASTM 1506-08 Standard Performance Specification for Wearing Apparel for use by Electrical Workers to Momentary Electric Arc and Related Thermal Hazards - In Compliance
    • ASTM F 1959 Standard Test Method for Determining Arc Rating of Materials for Clothing Arc Rating 6.1 cal/cm2 - In Compliance
    • ASTM D 6413 Results: As above (Maximum allowed 6") - In Compliance
  • NFPA 70 E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace - In Compliance
    Meets ASTM 1506 and ASTM F 1959
  • Other Tests Air Perm 9.5 cfm
  • NFPA 1977 Standard on Protective Clothing & Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting
    • RPP 8.79 (Min 7.00) Tested by Dupont™
    • THL Being Tested by Under Writers Lab

The X-Fire™ by Tru-Spec® Interlock™ fabric sets a new standard in comfort and safety for all public safety and military apparel.  By combining the safety of fire resistant fabrics with the comfort and moisture wicking ability of a cotton blend, Tru-Spec® working with experts from  DuPont™ have developed a competitively priced fire resistant uniform that will allow police departments and tactical squads to outfit more of their officers with affordable protection than ever before.

The next generation CWU27-P X-Fire Flight Suit features a multitude of pockets including two large upper chest pockets, cargo pockets and extra large calf pockets with zipper closure. Specialty pockets include a vertical zipper pocket with bellowed pen/pencil slot on the arm and a safety knife pocket on the leg. Designed for durability with double needle felled joining seams, reinforced shoulders, and reinforced external elbow pockets for elbow pad insert. Beside the revolutionary comfort of the X-Fire™ Interlock™ fabric, the CWU27-P X-Fire Flight Suit boasts a bi-swing back, hook and loop waist adjustments with hidden center elastic in back of garment, and hook and loop cuffs.


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