Law Enforcement
Breaching Tools

Law enforcement breaching tools from Amron International and Broco® are proven
high-performance gear for breaching and rescue operations. Breaching Tools include
breaching tape, pry bars, door rams, torch kits, saw blades, and ultrathermic cutting rods.

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  1. Amron International Hydrogel Breaching Tape

    Hydrogel Breaching Tape


    Hydrogel is an amazingly versatile conductive copolymer adhesive gel that has become a key component of the breacher's tool kit.

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  2. Broco Baby Enforcer Compact Door Ram BRO-RAM-BABY

    Baby Enforcer Compact Door Ram


    The BABY ENFORCER™ is a compact version of the ENFORCER™ door ram designed for operations with space and weight constraints. Broco's BABY ENFORCER™ Compact Door Ram is small but mighty, perfect for interior breaches and swinging in confined spaces. This door ram is easy to carry and conceal, and its high mass provides effective operations in tight, difficult breaching conditions. The BABY ENFORCER™ is the ideal ram for patrol, gangs and narcotics units. This product includes a sling.

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  3. Broco Enforcer Compact Door Ram BRO-RAM-ENF

    Enforcer Compact Door Ram


    Broco ENFORCER™ series one-man door rams are engineered for rapid forced entry by tactical teams and first responders. ENFORCER™ rams feature unique design ergonomics to maximize striking impact while maintaining a neutral wrist position throughout the arc of the breacher's swing.

    Enforcer rams can be thrown overhand, underhand or from the side using a natural motion that derives energy from the hips and shoulders as well as the arms. Users find it's like swinging a baseball bat or throwing a punch. The Broco ENFORCER™ breaches most residential doors within one to two seconds, and forces open doors with as many as seven different bolts, locking systems, and chains.

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  4. Broco Rescue and Recovery Torch Kit PC/A-5V2HR

    Rescue and Recovery Torch Kit


    This Broco Rescue and Recovery Torch Kit is the most recent evolution of the Broco industrial backpacked torch.

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  5. Broco Mini-Tac Cutting Torch Kit PC/MTMOD1

    Mini-Tac Cutting Torch Kit


    The Broco® MINI-TAC was developed at the request of the U. S. Army. It is also used by the F.B.I. Hostage Rescue Team and other special units including the London Fire Brigade and Australian Navy. It is the smallest, most portable exothermic torch kit on the market today.

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  6. Broco GOWELD Portable Battery-Powered MIG Welder Kit - 200 Amp Output - Model 600155

    GOWELD Portable Battery-Powered MIG Welder Kit - 200 Amp Output - Model 600155


    Goweld® is the first battery-powered portable welder to feature an on-board computer and propriety software giving welders a new level of sophistication and ease in portable welding. With just two 12 Volt batteries, Goweld® users can Go Anywhere, Weld Anywhere!® It is the most versatile portable welder available today. Ideal for welding steel or aluminum. Made in the U.S.A.

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  7. Broco® Military and Tactical Breaching Torch Kit PC/TACMOD1

    Tactical Cutting Torch Kit


    The PC/TACMOD1 is the basis for the U.S. Marine Corps' Assault Breachers' Torch Kit and also is in use with Army Special Forces, the F.B.I., and other federal and local special response teams.

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  8. Broco Ultrathermic Prime Cut Topside Cutting Rods - 1/4 in. X 18 in. - 137 Rods 1418PC-25

    1418PC-25 Ultrathermic Prime Cut Topside Cutting Rods - 1/4 in. X 18 in. - 137 Rods


    Broco Ultrathermic Prime Cut Topside Cutting Rods - 1/4 in. X 18 in.

    Broco® Industrial Prime-Cut® and Prime-Cut® PLUS Ultrathermic rods contain core wires which burn in excess of 10,000° F at the tip. Broco® rods cut, melt or liquefy virtually any known substance.

    These internal rods are recessed at the torch end to prevent burn back into the torch. This safety feature is unique to Broco® Industrial. Circular crimps secure the internal wires. Broco® Industrial Ultrathermic rods can be bent without restricting oxygen flow or splitting enabling the operator to reach difficult or otherwise inaccessible places and ensure even burn.

    ***For topside use only. Not designed or intended for underwater use.***

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