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Birns Snooper Light Model 5567

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  • Brilliant illumination
  • An extremely rugged fixture, proof against heavy mechanical abuse
  • Optional customization to make it perfect for most applications

What You'll Need

  • The Model 5567 Snooper Light itself (which includes your choice of lamp and lens and mounting yoke)
  • The Power Cable Assembly (Model CEF3S14-xxx, where "-xxx" is the length in feet). Not included & must be ordered seperately. Power cable assembly includes standard cable connector, rugged cable locking sleeve (63A-001) and heavy-duty Hubbell plug installed, on 14/3 Aquaprene SO cable. (Note: the plug is not included on lengths shorter than 20 feet.) The Power Cable Assembly is available in unbroken lengths up to 1,000 feet. Cables are made to your order, so you can get any cable length that you wish. Special configurations are also available.


  • Lamp: Not all lamps fit the same reflector assembly. (The reflector assemblies can be changed, but it's not very easy.) Therefore, if you wish to change lamps, try to use a new lamp that fits the same reflector assembly as the old lamp. Please see the Lamp Options table 'A' below for details of the most popular choices.
  • Lens: Four different lenses are available for different applications. Please see the Lens OptionsTable 'B' below for details.
  • Mount: A stainless steel mounting yoke assembly (Part No. 44A-003) is included with the yoke-mounted Snooper Model 5567.

Lamp Options Table 'A': Unless specified otherwise, the standard reflector assembly installed in the Snooper is BIR-54A-002; the default lamp installed is BIR-32A-001. These are the most popular lamp choices, but many others are available for special applications.

Part No. Volts Watts Color (K) Output
BIR-32A-001 120  1000 3,200 28,000 150 3.75 BIR-54A-002
BIR-32A-005 120  600 3,250 17,000 75 3.75 BIR-54A-002
BIR-32A-009 120  400 3,200 10,400 200 3.16 BIR-54A-004
BIR-32A-010 120  300 2,900 5,650 2,000 3.16 BIR-54A-004
BIR-32A-021 120  200 2,900 3,460 2,000 3.16 BIR-54A-004
BIR-32A-017 240  600 3,200 15,000 75 3.75 BIR-54A-002
BIR-32A-015 240  800 3,200 20,500 75 3.16 BIR-54A-004
BIR-32A-016 230  1000 3,000 22,000 2,000 3.75 BIR-54A-002

Lens Options Table 'B'  Changing the lens is very quick and simple, so it's easy to keep various lenses on hand for different jobs.

Lens Part No. Benefit Application
Clear BIR-35A-001 Greates Light Output General Illumination
Frosted BIR-35A-002 Diffuses Light Beam Excellent for Video or Film
Blue BIR-35A-003 Matches Color Temperature
of Daylight (5000 K)
Reduces Backscatter in Murky Water;
Good for Color Filming
Blue-Frosted BIR-35A-004 Diffuses Light Output and
Increases Color to 5000 K
Excellent for Color Filming, or for Filming
or Videotaping in Murky Water

The Birns Snooper is the world's toughest, most durable and dependable underwater work light. Proven by experience, the Snooper was developed in the mid-1960's and, apart from periodic upgrades, remains essentially unchanged from the original, superb style. Many Snoopers in the field from the 1960's are still in use!

The Model 5567 Birns Snooper (NSN 6230-01-025-5628) includes your choice of lamp and lens. A stainless steel mounting yoke assembly (Part No. 44A-003) is included. Instant ON/OFF and hot-restrike capability; no ballast necessary.

The Snooper is versatile, and is used by divers, on diving bells, submarines, ROV's, etc. It is available in hand-held and yoke-mounted models, with choice of 600 to 1,000-watt lamp, and four different lens options. It's an excellent light for general-purpose illumination, and is also very good for color or black and white filming and videotaping.

For Snooper Configurations not listed in the pull down menu and Spare Parts not found below under the "Parts Tab", please contact Amron International to inquire about these items and to receive a quote.


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