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- Regulator Flowmeter

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  • Chrome-plated brass body with all brass high-pressure chamber
  • Maximum rated inlet pressure 3000 psi
  • Durable neoprene diaphragm
  • Internal reseating relief valve protects against over-pressurization
  • Sintered filter for additional safety and to extend regulator life
  • 2 in. diameter gauge
  • UL listed
  • 15 LPM Oxygen models provide 85-90 LPM flood maximum
  • 7 LPM models restricted to 10 LPM maximum
  • Polycarbonate inner and outer tubes provide greater accuracy and durability
  • Includes plastic swivel hose barb (not shown)

An accurate single stage regulator/flowmeter design calibrated to 15 lmp. The flowmeter is a dual-taper design with an expanded 5lpm scale which allows for finer low range adjustment. This regulator is offered in large cylinder (CGA-540), and small cylinder (CGA-870) configurations. Accuracy is ± ½ liter in the 1-5 lpm included range, ± 1 liter in the 5-15 lpm range.


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  • Is the M1-540-15FM regulator used on the Amron 91813 Gas Calibration Kit?

    Yes, but the CGA fitting that allows the regulator to connect to your cylinder is not included. You will also need to order the correct CGA fitting for your specific cylinder.

    The CGA Fittings required for the Amron Gas Calibration Kit part number 91813 are:

    Zero Gas: CGA-580, Nipple GF-4102 and Nut GF-4100

    Span Gas: CGA-590, Nipple GF-4102 and Nut GF-2060


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  • Which CGA nut and nipple come with this flowmeter?

    CGA 540 (Oxygen up to 3000 psi)

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