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Mustang Survival MSD575 NV Surface Tactical Operations Dry Suit

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  • Trim-to-fit neoprene wrist seals
  • Closed Comfort System (CCS) adjustable neck seal is designed to allow the ideal balance between comfort for extended wear and watertight sealing for immersion in water
  • Manufactured with a trilaminate GORE-TEX® fabric
  • Reinforced with a Kevlar-based fabric for vertical fast roping applications and provide extremely durable abrasion resistance when working on or around non-skid decks
  • Universally sized waterproof, breathable socks
  • Six elasticized cargo pockets with drainage mesh provide maximum storage capacityImmersed Clo value of 0.68 Clo

Size Chart

Size Chest Height
XSR 31 in. - 33 in. 59 in. - 62 in.
SR 34 in. - 36 in. 62 in. - 65 in.
SL 34 in. - 36 in. 65.5 in. - 69 in.
MS 37 in. - 40 in. 62 in. - 65 in.
MR 37 in. - 40 in. 65.5 in. - 69 in.
ML 37 in. - 40 in. 69 in. - 73 in.
LS 41 in. - 44 in. 65.5 in. - 69 in.
LR 41 in. - 44 in. 69 in. - 73 in.
LL 41 in. - 44 in. 73 in. - 76 in.
XLR 45 in. - 47 in. 73 in. - 76 in.
XXLR 48 in. - 51 in. 76 in. - 78 in.

The Mustang Survival MSD575 NV Surface Operations Tactical Dry Suit is a low visibility tactical garment used to aid in hypothermia protection during surface operations in or on the water when worn with insulating undergarments such as Mustang’s MSL351 Dry Suit Liner.

The MSD575 NV Surface Tactical Operations Dry Suit is constructed of a single-layer waterproof, breathable tri-laminate GORE-TEX® fabric. The suit features Kevlar-based reinforcement fabric specially designed to resist wear during vertical fast-roping operations or operations on non-skid decks. Trim-to-fit wrist seals and Mustang’s patented Closed Comfort System (CCS) neck seal coupled with integral universally-sized socks are designed to keep the wearer dry during inclement environmental conditions and surface immersions. Additional Kevlar-based fabric reinforcement and neoprene padding is strategically located in areas on the arms/elbows, seat, and lower body.

The MSD575 NV Surface Tactical Operations Dry Suit is easily donned/doffed by the wearer using a diagonal watertight entry zipper across the torso and the wearer’s left shoulder and includes a relief zipper. Customized fit can be achieved through adjustment of the internal suspenders to modify trunk length for improved
range of motion.

The Naval Expeditionary Combat Command has approved the MSD575 NV Surface Tactical Operations Dry Suit for use by personnel attached to the Riverine Group and the Maritime Expeditionary Security Groups.


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Brand Mustang Survival
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