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Mustang Survival MSD575 Tactical Operations Dry Suit

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  • Breathable laminate and adjustable neck seal for reduced thermal burden in high stress operations
  • Extreme-duty abrasion patches on legs, arms and seat ensure integrity of the dry suit in the most demanding operational environments
  • Double sealed and sewn seams ensure watertight integrity
  • Waterproof zippers have easily found red toggles and are covered to prevent interference with other equipment.
  • Internal elastic suspenders accommodate a range of sizes.
  • Waterproof horizontal relief zipper.
  • Patented neck and neoprene wrist seals are a one size fits all.
  • Integrates with tactical operations equipment.
  • May be worn over top an insulating liner.
  • Attached socks integrate with footwear or swim fins.

Size Chart

Size Height  Chest 
XS 61 in. - 65 in. (155 cm - 165 cm)
33 in. - 36 in. (84 cm - 91 cm)
S 64 in. - 68 in. (163 cm - 173 cm) 36 in. - 39 in. (91 cm - 99 cm)
M 67 in. - 71 in. (170 cm - 180 cm) 39 in. - 42 in. (99 cm - 107 cm)
L 70 in. - 74 in. (178 cm - 188 cm) 42 in. - 45 in. (107 cm - 114 cm)
XL 73 in. - 77 in. (185 cm - 196 cm)
45 in. - 48 in. (114 cm - 122 cm)
XXL 76 in. - 80 in. (193 cm - 203 cm) 48 in. - 51 in. (122 cm - 130 cm)

The Mustang Survival MSD575 Tactical Operations Dry Suit is designed for over-water and waterborne special operations such as Vertical Insertion of team members from a helicopter (i.e. Fast Roping), Swift-Water Rescue, or any other tactical operation where the environment dictates the hypothermia protection afforded through use of a dry suit and the highest level of abrasion resistance and durability is a must.

The MSD575 Tactical Operations Dry Suit is constructed of a breathable laminate base fabric. Leg, arm and seat areas are strategically reinforced with a nearly indestructible, lightweight breathable fabric that enhances the suit’s durability and Prevents abrasion damage that could compromise the suit’s integrity. Cushioned patches on the knees and elbows offer comfort during typical tactical maneuvers. The integral neck pad protects the adjustable neck seal and reduces chaffing and discomfort often associated with tactical vests or harnesses.

The Mustang Survival MSD575 Tactical Operations Dry Suit’s internal suspender system provides an almost “custom fit” over the range of sizes, limiting the bulkiness associated with “one size fits all” dry suits. Mustang’s patented adjustable neck seal and neoprene wrist seals provide a comfortable yet fully functional fit for surface or over-water tactical operations. In the event of accidental or intentional immersion, the adjustable neck seal can be drawn tight to prevent water from entering the suit. These seals also provide increased durability compared to traditional latex seals resulting in reduced life-cycle maintenance costs. A diagonal waterproof entry zipper and horizontal waterproof relief zipper ensure easy entry and crew comfort during extended operations.


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Brand Mustang Survival
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