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Forensics Source Deluxe and Basic Latent Print Kit

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FRS-01-0105 Basic Kit Includes:

  • Kit Box C, 121⁄8 in. x 71⁄4 in. x 41⁄2 in.
  • Bi-Chromatic™ Powder, 2 oz. 
  • Zephyr ® or Camelhair Brush 
  • Clear Lifting Tape, 11⁄2 in. x 360 in.
  • White 3 in. x 5 in. Backing Cards, Pack of 100 
  • Fitted Compartmentalized Insert

FRS-1-0102 Kit Includes:

  • Kit Box C, 12.125 in. x 7.25 in. x 4.5 in.
  • Silver/Gray Powder, 2 oz. 
  • Black Powder, 2 oz. 
  • Two Zephyr ® Brushes 
  • Clear Lifting Tape, 11⁄2 in. x 360 in.
  • Clear Lifting Tape, 2 in. x 360 in.
  • White 3 in. x 5 in. Backing Cards 100 
  • Black 3 in. x 5 in. Backing Cards 50 
  • Magnifying Glass 
  • Scissors

Both the Basic Latent Print Kit and Deluxe Print Kit contain valuable tools for any latent print dusting job.

The Forensic Source Basic latent print kit is packed in an oversized box, so there is room to add additional supplies. The latent print brush is stored in a protective tube and held by a clip inside the lid. The tape and Bi-Chromatic™ fingerprint powder are held in a fitted insert. This kit is also available with either a camelhair brush or the standard Zephyr ® Fiberglass Brush.

The Forensic Source Deluxe Latent Fingerprint kit contains everything you need for latent print dusting – two colors of fingerprint powder Silver/Gray and Black, two colors of backing cards and two Zephyr ® brushes. The Zephyr ® brushes are stored in protective tubes and held by clips inside the lid. The lift tape and powders are held in a fitted insert. A pair of scissors and a magnifying glass are also included.


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