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Kirby Morgan 525-740 Hood Assembly with Lock Nuts for BandMask® 18 and 28

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    510-712 Hood 1
    530-145 Lock Nut 2

    The Kirby Morgan 525-740 Hood Assembly with Lock Nuts for BandMask® 18 and BandMask® 28 contains the hood assembly and two lock nuts.

    There are two styles of Band Keepers. The Original Style has a one piece Top Keeper and the Bottom Band Keeper mounts directly to the BandMask® Frame using a Screw and LockNut. The Newer Style is a two piece Top Keeper design and the Bottom Band Keeper attaches to a Mount Block that is on the outside of the BandMask® Frame.

    If you have an original style Band Keepers please contact your local Kirby Morgan dealer for a free two piece Top Keeper. The original style Bottom Band Keeper can be used as is or the BandMask® Frame Only can be sent to Kirby Morgan to be updated with a Bottom Band Keeper Mount Block.

    For detailed directions on installing this kit, please refer to the Attachments tab where there is an instruction pdf available for download.

    Please see the Overview tab to see the components of the kit.


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