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Kirby Morgan 525-325 Overseas Spares Kit for Kirby Morgan Dive Helmet 17A/17B

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    Each Kit comes with the following parts and quantities listed below:


    510-008 O-Ring 2
    510-010 O-Ring 1
    510-211 O-Ring 1
    510-260 View Port O-Ring 1
    510-446 17A/B Bottom O-Ring 1
    510-481 O-Ring 1
    510-521 17A/B Head Cushion 1
    510-533 17A/B Drawstring Neck Dam 1
    510-550 Oral Nasal Valve 2
    510-561 Main Exhaust Valve 2
    510-575 Nose Block Pad 2
    510-747 Silicone Oral Nasal Mask 2
    515-030 Communications Set 2
    525-309 Regulator Rebuild Kit 1
    525-311 Side Block Rebuild Kit 1
    525-759 Quad Valve Exhaust Kit 1
    530-025 Screw 1
    530-035 Screw 6
    530-045 Screw 2
    530-080 Screw 1
    530-317 Nut 2
    530-320 Lock Nut 1
    530-406 Washer 1
    530-415 Washer 1
    535-900 Safety Pin (Pull Pin) 1
    540-080 Plunger Pin 1
    550-061 Spacer 2



    Overseas Spares Kit for Kirby Morgan Dive Helmet 17B. O-rings should be lightly lubricated with food grade silicone Dow Corning 111 or equivalent in accordance with the operations and maintenance manual. Cristo Lube may also be used. At a minimum, all helmet or BandMask o-rings should be replaced at least once a year in accordance with the A2.1 for the helmet or mask being inspected.

    During daily and monthly maintenance, disturbed o-rings and valves may be reused providing no damage or deformation is found. O-rings and valves may require replacement more often than yearly if the helmet or mask use is extreme, or if the helmet or mask is used in waters containing oil or chemical contamination. Daily cleaning and inspections as well as performing the monthly inspection A2.2 will identify the need more accurately than simply placing a number of hours between overhaul.

    Store spare o-rings, valves and soft goods in a cool, dark, dry place. Avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and/or exposure to ultra violet rays. Do not lubricate exhaust valves. Lubricating valves can cause dirt to stick, allowing leakage.

    For detailed directions on installing this kit\, please refer to our Attachments tab where there is an instruction pdf available for download.

    Please see the Overview tab to see the components of the kit.


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