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Kirby Morgan 425-120 Regulator Rebuild Kit for KMACS-5 DCS2A and DCS3

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    Regulator Rebuild Kit for KMACS-5 DCS2A and DCS3 Contains:

    Part # Description Quantity
    410-008 Backup O-Ring 1
    410-119 O-Ring 1
    410-121 Thread Seal 1
    430-022 Nylon Locknut 1
    450-038 Seat Assembly 1
    510-008 O-Ring 1
    510-014 O-Ring 2
    455-135 Conical Seals(DCS-3) 2

    Kirby Morgan 425-120 Regulator Rebuild Kit for KMACS-5 DCS2A and DCS3

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Remove the main panel from the DCS. Remove the regulator mount nut\, washer and adjustment stem.
    2.  Invert the panel and remove the regulator sensor tube and the regulator cylinder. Now lift out the stem assembly and the o-ring from the recess in the regulator body. Note: On the DCS 3\, it may be necessary to remove the high-pressure tube to facilitate removal of the regulator cylinder.
    3. Insert a small wooden dowel (a pencil will do) into the regulator from the adjustment stem end\, and push the seat assembly out.
    4. Thoroughly clean the regulator body and the cylinder. Inspect both for wear. The cylinder may show wear in the area of piston travel. Any noticeable wear is cause for replacement of the part.
    5. Disassemble the stem assembly; clean and inspect all parts. The stem may show wear\, and if rough or grooved\, should be replaced.
    6. Reassemble the stem assembly using the new parts supplied in the rebuild kit. Lubricate the stem and o-rings (J\, K\, L\, P) with a light coating of silicone grease. (Reinstall any shims that were between the spring and o-ring cap and/or piston head.)
    7. Before installing the stem assembly\, hook the DCS up to an air supply and blow air through the regulator body to clear any debris from the system. Lightly lubricate the bore in the regulator body and the o-ring (H) with silicone grease. Place the o-ring into the recess in the regulator body.
    8. Insert the seat assembly (D) into the regulator body\, metal end first\, seat end up. Press this assembly in gently with a finger\, while wiggling it slightly to ease the o-rings on the seat assembly into the bore. Be very careful not to nick these o-rings when inserting the seat assembly.
    9. Install the stem assembly into the regulator body. Ensure that all o-rings remain in place.
    10. Lubricate the threads and the inside of the regulator cylinder\, and slip it over the stem assembly. Thread the cylinder into the regulator body and tighten.
    11. Reinstall the regulator sensor tube. Note: On the DCS 3\, use the new copper conical seals and install the high-pressure tube. Next\, reinstall the regulator adjustment stem and mount nut.
    12. Turn panel top-side up and install the regulator adjustment stem.
    13. Install the regulator mount washer and nut. Tighten nut securely.
    14. Test the regulator for proper operation.

     ***For more information\, please see the DOCUMENTS tab for printable instructions.***



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