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Kirby Morgan 425-110 DCS-2A Shut-Off Valve Kit

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    Kirby Morgan KMACS-5 Shut-Off Valve Kit Contains:

    Part # Description Quantity
    430-134 #10 Flat Washer 8
    430-141 S.S. Screw 8
    420-106 Plastic Plate 2
    440-210 Handle Stop 1
    440-212 Shut-Off Handle 2
    455-143 Elbow 2
    455-157 Shut-Off Valve Assembly 2

    Kirby Morgan 425-110 KMACS-5 Shut-Off Valve Kit

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Remove the eight screws and washers (7 & 8)\, two flanges with the umbilical outlet
      fittings(14) and the O-rings (15). These parts will not be reused.
    2. Clean the top of the manifold block. Study the blow-apart drawing before proceeding. Once the plastic plate (A) is removed\, the valve interior parts can fall out. If this happens replace in the body housing in the order shown. Do the following procedure on one valve at a time.
    3. Support the plastic plate (A) on the bottom of the valve and remove the nuts on the attachment screws. Do not remove screws.
    4. Place the valve assembly on the manifold block and gently slide out the plastic plate. Remove the screws and replace them with the screws (49) and washers (50) from the kit.
    5. Align the new screws with their respective holes and hand tighten. The handle stop (51) is secured by the two inside screws.
    6. Tighten all 8 screws to four (4) foot pounds of torque.

     ***For more information\, please see the DOCUMENTS tab for printable instructions.***


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