Attention: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on order of a physician or licensed practitioner.

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Amron International

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  • Latex Neck Seals (Trimmed P/N: 8891-005 and Untrimmed P/N: 8891-005-00) are compatible with BOTH OLD Neck Ring (P/N: 8891-001) and 2014 improved Neck Ring (P/N: 8891-011)
  • Both versions of the Oxygen Treatment Hood P/N: 8891-010 fit BOTH OLD and 2014 improved Neck Rings
  • CE and FDA Registered
  • Hood and Latex Neck Seal Patent No.: 5,819,728
  • Neck Ring Patent Pending
  • Optimum cooling and noise reduction
  • Reusable neck ring (autoclavable)
  • Conveniently located hoses reduce bulk and improve comfort
  • Designed for simplicity, performance, economy, ease-of-use and safe effective cleaning
  • Innovative design allows patient to recline comfortably
  • Multipurpose port for gas analysis or entertainment option
  • Positive O-ring seal between hood and neck ring
  • Soft vinyl hood with extra-large optical quality window
  • Replaceable surgical latex neck seal with sized trim lines
  • Optional entertainment system with pneumatic headset

Note: Neck Seal comes installed on neck ring


Please reference the Cleaning Manual located in the Attachments Tab on this web page for recommended cleaning instructions. Oxygen Treatment Hood can be sterilized using either gas sterilization method, however multiple cycles of gas sterilizing over time will shorten the products working life.

Component Breakdown:

  • P/N 8891-010: Vinyl Hood with Optical Window
  • P/N 8891-005: Latex Neck Seal Trimmed Size 11
  • P/N 8891-011: Neck Ring
  • P/N 8891-15: O-ring
  • P/N 8891-25: Multipurpose Plug
  • P/N 8890-0063 Humidifier
  • P/N 0500-071 Tygon Tubing 1/4 in.
  • P/N 1640 Straight Adapter
  • P/N 1642 Teeline Adapter
  • P/N 1680 Flex Tubing (22 mm)
  • P/N 8890-2001 Tubing Support Hanger
  • P/N 528-3520 Cable Tie

Note: The neck seal contains natural rubber latex which can cause allergic reactions. Please select our Model 8891-03 Medical Grade Silicone Hood Assembly if you believe the patient may have a latex sensitivity or allergy.

Caution: Federal law (USA) mandates that Amron can only sell this product to physicians and/or licensed clinical practitioners.


  • Neck Ring: Polycarbonate (Autoclavable)
  • Hood Ring: PVC
  • Hood: Clear soft vinyl (PVC)
  • Hood Window: Optical press polished vinyl
  • Neck Seal: Latex
  • O-ring, Neck Ring: Nitrile
  • Multipurpose Ring: Nitrile
  • Supply and Exhaust Ports: Male 22 mm
  • Multipurpose Port: 0.5 in. (1.27 cm) diameter
  • Diameter: 12.5 in. (31.75 cm)
  • Height: 13.5 in. (34.29 cm)
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs. (44 oz.)

Amron's 8890-100 Oxygen Treatment Hood Assembly (8891-01) with Trimmed Latex Neck Seal, Neck Ring with O-ring, Multipurpose Plug, Flex Tubing, Humidifier, Adapters, Tubing Support Hanger and Cable Tie is the leading oxygen hood on the market and easily sets the standard for all others. This product has been recently redesigned based directly on your feedback and is CE and FDA Registered.

Amron's Oxygen Treatment Hood was designed for clinical hyperbaric chambers with the patient’s comfort in mind and its ease-of-use for the attendant. The hood is comprised of clear medical-grade vinyl with an optical quality, extra-large viewing window on the front. Cleaning this O2 hood is simpler for the attendant now that the hood is welded to the neck ring, reducing the risk of bacteria being trapped in between the neck ring and hood.

The oblong shaped neck ring is larger than its predecessor, making it much easier for the attendant to place the Amron hoods over the patient’s head (essentially the larger neck ring now has a universal fit where one size fits most patients). The redesigned neck ring now has two square neck seal grooves on it, which provides for a more secure attachment of the neck seal to the neck ring.  Amron’s neck seals are supplied with accurate and easy-to-size trim lines that ensures proper patient fit every time.

An optional pneumatic entertainment system occupies patients during their treatments. They may listen to music or video sources in complete comfort. A patient-operated volume control and channel selector reduces interruptions to attending nurses or chamber operators. No electrical power is ever supplied directly to the hood, which ensures safe operation.

The neck ring was developed to withstand multiple cycles in an autoclave. The reusable neck ring has a conveniently located multipurpose plug port as well as supply and exhaust hose ports, with an accompanying O-ring seal for the vinyl hood attachment. The supply and exhaust locations allow oxygen to circulate easily through the hood at reduced noise levels. As a soft flow of gas helps to cool the patient, the optical-quality viewing window is continuously being defogged.

Note: The neck seal contains natural rubber latex which can cause allergic reactions. Please select the Medical Grade Silicone model if you believe the patient may have a latex sensitivity or allergy.

Caution: Federal law (USA) mandates that Amron can only sell this product to physicians and/or licensed clinical practitioners.

Note: Hood and Latex Neck Seal Patent No.: 5,819,728

Note: Neck Ring Patent Pending


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Brand Amron International
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Product FAQ's

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  • What is your official recommended oxygen flow rate for the Amron patient hyperbaric oxygen treatment hood?

    Adjust all the appropriate flow control devices between 25-50 liters per minute. As the hood inflates, adjust the supply and exhaust flow controls to stabilize the hood pressure.

    NOTE: Excessive flow will overinflate the hood, and insufficient flow will collapse the hood. Flow rates will vary with chamber delivery systems, user lung volume, and breathing rate. Proper Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels should be verified within the hood through the multi-purpose port and the use of an Oxygen analyzer and Carbon Dioxide analyzer such as the Analox 1000 Oxygen Monitor and Analox 5001 Carbon Dioxide Monitor.

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  • Can I purchase an Oxygen Treatment Hood for private use?
    No, Federal law (USA) mandates that Amron can only sell this device to physicians and/or licensed clinical practitioners.
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  • What is the internal volume of the Oxygen Treatment Hood?
    1533.98 in³.
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  • The method of cleaning as stated in the general instructions does not suit our unit due to the clean area that would be required to drip dry the hoods. Is there any other approved method of cleaning?

    We only have two methods approved for cleaning.

    1)     The first is spraying Sanizide and letting the hood sit for 10 minutes.

    2)    The second is gas sterilization using the method below:

    1. Low - 4  hours at 100 degrees with an aeration time of 36 hours
    2. High - 1 hour at 130 degrees with an aeration time of 12 hours

    Using the gas sterilization will shorten the life of the hood but we have many customers that use it and are very happy with the results.


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  • How many feet of flex tubing are included with the Oxygen Treatment Hood Assembly?
    20 feet.
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