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Amron International 8895-800 Inside Junction Box

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The Amron International 8895-800 Inside Junction Box is part of the 8895-AMP Patient Entertainment System. The 8895-AMP Patient Entertainment System is an amplifier developed as the input source for the Amron Patient Entertainment Set and is designed to be used with the Amron Oxygen Treatment Hood or Mask Assembly. By using a very small signal to drive a dynamic 8 ohm speaker, we create a pneumatic sound wave which delivers monaural entertainment to the lightweight patient headset.

The 8895-AMP is available in 8 or 16 patient versions and can accommodate up to four audio input sources such as CD, Radio, Tape or Video. The patient can select a channel by a simple push button switch on the Model 8895-100 Patient Entertainment Module. The patient can also adjust his/her volume level by means of a unique regulating valve located in-line of the audio source.


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Brand Amron International
Video No

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  • When installing an 8895-AMP-8 or -16 Patient Entertainment Amplifier, what components will I need to purchase for the system to work?

    You will need the following items:

    8 Patient Entertainment Amplifier part number 8895-AMP-8 (8 Patient)


    16 Patient Entertainment Amplifier part number 8895-AMP-16 (16 Patient)

    8895-600 Cable Assembly, 20 feet (one per 8 patients)

    8895-700 External Junction Box (one per 8 patients)

    8895-800 Internal Junction Box (one per 8 patients)

    8895-100 Patient Entertainment Set (one per patient)

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