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Divex CES7000-A1 Hyperbaric Extinguisher

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  • Activation is immediate, produces powerful jet of non-toxic aqueous foam
  • May be used continuously or intermittently
  • Quickly and easily recharged
  • Manufactured under Lloyd’s Register survey 
  • Includes Test Certificate


  • Design Code: BS 5045 Part 3
  • Certification Authority: Lloyd’s Register
  • Operating Temperature Range: 36° to 113° F (2° to 45° C)
  • Charging Pressure: 1000 psi (70 bar)
  • Dimensions : 5.9 in. Dia x  27.2 in. L  (15 cm Dia. x 69 cm)


  • Suitable for
    • Class A Fires (solids and fabrics)
    • Class B Fires (liquids)
    • Electrical Fires up to a maximum of 24 volts

Hyperbaric Extinguisher - P/N: CES7000-A1 Includes:

  • 5 Liter Extinguishant Capacity cylinder with Nozzle Shipped Empty
  • Equipped with Pressure Gauge and Security Pin
  • Quick release SS Bulkhead Mounting Bracket with a Nozzle Retaining Grommet
  • Extinguishant Fill Cartridge (Part Number CES203-A1)

Not Included:

  • Recharge Hose Whip Assembly (Part Number CESF221-A1) required for filling

Important Notes:

  1. In order to fill the CES7000-A1 Extinguisher you must use the Recharge Hose Whip Assembly.
  2. When ordering the Recharge Hose Whip Assembly, please specify the required inlet connection according to the applicable national standard for the intended propellant gas (helium or nitrogen).

The CES7000-A1 Hyperbaric Extinguisher offered by Amron International uses a non-toxic aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) propelled by helium, nitrogen or bottom-mix, as compatible with chamber atmosphere. They are suitable for Class A fires (solids and fabrics), Class B fires (liquids) and electrical fires up to a maximum of 24 volts.

The CES7000-A1 Hyperbaric Extinguisher is equipped with a pressure gauge to indicate charge pressure and a security pin to prevent accidental discharge. It is supplied with a quick-release stainless steel bulkhead mounting bracket with a nozzle retaining grommet. Pre-dive checks, operating and maintenance instructions and a maintenance log are provided on the permanently attached labels on the cylinder body.

The CES7000-A1 Hyperbaric Extinguisher recharging is a simple process carried out on site by the user with fresh water and a pre-measured cartridge of extinguishant solution (part number CES203-A1), followed by a propellant gas charge using an optional recharging hose whip assembly (part number CESF221-A1). The recharging assembly is self-venting and equipped with a safety valve to prevent overcharging. Recharging instructions are provided on a permanently attached label on the side of the extinguisher.

The CES7000-A1 uses 1.3 gallons (five liters) of extinguishant in a seven liter aluminum cylinder.


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Brand Divex
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Product FAQ's

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  • Is the Recharge Hose Whip Assembly included with the CES7000-A1 Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher?

    No, you will order the Recharge Hose Whip Assembly separately. Part number CESF221-A1.

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  • What certification is provided with the CES7000-A1 fire extinguisher?

    The CES7000-A1 is manufactured under Lloyd’s Register survey and supplied with a Lloyd’s certification.

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