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Diveline 3/8 in. Hose Phosphur Bronze/Brass #6 JIC Hose Swivel Fitting Female

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Availability: 1 available on Nov 4, 2016

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 Hose Fitting Swage Dimensions

Fitting Part No.
Hose Size
JIC Fitting
Bore Gauge Size
Swage Die Size
Swage Down Dimension
3/8 in.
0.298 in.
19 mm
18.90 mm
Phosphur Bronze/Brass

Please note the following:

  • The swage down dimensions (SDD) shown above are a guide only.
  • At all times, unless noted above, the hose fitting should be tested with a ‘Bore Gauge’ to confirm the correct collapse of the Ferrell.
  • Due to the core tube material it is not possible to measure a successful swage based on the Ferrule collapse therefore it is necessary to perform the swage based only on the ‘Swage Down Dimension’.
  • All hoses must be pressure tested following swaging.

A variety of swivel hose fittings are available on Amron International's umbilicals. These Diveline JIC Swivel Hose Fittings are brass or phosphur bronze/brass and are swaged onto the umbilical hoses at the Amron facility. All connectors are stress-tested before shipping.


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Brand Diveline
Fitting Type No
Video No

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