DESCO Corporation manufactures equipment for the commercial diving industry including Diving Air Hats, Helmets, Masks, Fixed Blade Knives, and Welding Shields. As the industry evolves, DESCO will keep pace with new products and assure that their current products meet or exceed industry requirements. DESCO will continue to explore new product possibilities to bring their customers top quality equipment and services.

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  1. Desco Diving Air Hat - Tinned 61000

    Desco Diving Air Hat


    Desco Diving Air Hat was designed in 1968, and has continually evolved to meet the requirements of the commercial diving industry. Desco Air Hat is the preferred helmet for working in hazardous environments where contamination of the diver is a concern. The Air Hat maximizes safety, durability, and reliability while requiring simple routine maintenance and care.

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  2. Desco U.S. Navy Divers Fixed-Blade Knife 29228

    Desco U.S. Navy Divers Mark V Fixed-Blade Knife


    The Desco U.S. Navy Divers Mark V Fixed-Blade Knife is a handsome and traditional piece of equipment manufactured to rigid U.S. Navy specifications.

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  3. Desco Welding Shield 61001 W/S

    Desco Welding Shield


    The Desco welding shield is made of 3/32 inch sheet Brass. It comes with a 4-1/2 inch x 5-1/4 inch Shade 5 welding lens. The welding shield is attached to the Air Hat with two Stainless Steel screws which replace the two Brass top window screws.

    The welding shield is hinged with a continuous Brass Piano hinge which allows for flipping the shield up and out of the way when not needed.

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  4. Air Intake Assembly

    Desco Air Intake Assembly


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  5. Insert

    Desco Insert


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  6. Head Piece Assembly

    Desco Head Piece Assembly


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  7. Window

    Desco Window


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  8. Valve

    Desco Valve


    Valve Learn More


  9. Window Assembly

    Desco Window Assembly


    Window Assembly Learn More


  10. Neck Dam

    Desco Neck Dam


    Neck Dam Learn More


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Items 1-10 of 19 total

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