DESCO Corporation manufactures equipment for the commercial diving industry including Diving Air Hats, Helmets, Masks, Fixed Blade Knives, and Welding Shields As the industry evolves, DESCO will keep pace with new products and assure that their current products meet or exceed industry requirements. DESCO will continue to explore new product possibilities to bring their customers top quality equipment and services.

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  1. Brass Mits

    Desco Brass Mits


    Brass Mits Learn More


  2. Screw

    Desco Screw


    Screw Learn More


  3. 1/4in Brass Screws

    Desco 1/4in Brass Screws


    1/4in Brass Screws Learn More


  4. Lead Washer

    Desco Lead Washer


    Lead Washer Learn More


  5. Brass Washer

    Desco Brass Washer


    Brass Washer Learn More


  6. Valve Handle Nut

    Desco Valve Handle Nut


    Valve Handle Nut Learn More


  7. Window Retaining Screws

    Desco Window Retaining Screws


    Window Retaining Screws Learn More


  8. Lock Nut

    Desco Lock Nut


    Lock Nut Learn More


  9. Flapper

    Desco Flapper


    Flapper Learn More


  10. Clamp & Lock Washer

    Desco Clamp & Lock Washer


    Clamp & Lock Washer Learn More


products per page

10 Item(s)

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