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Amron International 960-718 Drysuit Glue Hardener - 1 Ounce

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  • For repairing drysuits
  • Size: 1ounce

Amron International’s Drysuit Glue Hardener (1 oz.) is used to repair Vulcanized Rubber Drysuits. Drysuit Glue Hardener is typically used during the installation of replacement Neck Seals, Wrist Seals, or to repair holes with a patch kit.

The drysuit glue hardener is just one component of a three part system. The complete system includes:

  • Solvent and Thinner, which is used to clean the drysuit prior to repair (SKU 960-719)
  • Glue Hardener, which is used in combination with the Drysuit Glue to accelerate the drying of the glue (SKU 960-718)
  • Drysuit Glue, which is used for repairing or replacing Neck and Wrist Seals, Zippers, or repairing holes with a patch kit (SKU 960-720)

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Brand Amron International
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  • How long does our hardener last on the shelf un-opened?

    12 months on average but if stored at higher temperatures  the storage life will be shortened.

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  • How much glue hardener do I add to my drysuit glue when fixing my drysuit?
    Add 7-10 drops of glue harder to 4 oz. of glue. Mix well in a disposable cup. Apply two even coats to roughened and cleaned surfaces. Let dry between coats before bonding together. Roll seams and edges evenly. For best results, use glue within two hours.
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