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Abbeon Cal Certified Hygrometer and Temperature Indicator

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  • Solid brass case
  • Black dial with white numbers and letters
  • Gleaming finish
  • Overall diameter 6"
  • Dial 5"
  • Case drilled for wall mounting
  • Manufactured and tested under ISO-9001
  • Plastic lens available upon request
  • Accuracy ±3% RH

The Abbeon Cal HTAB-169 Certified Hygrometer and Temperature Indicator is certified to be accurate within ±3% Relative Humidity.

The dial indicates the complete range of 0 to 100% relative humidity. The instrument has been tested at three different positions of the dial at temperatures ranging from 32° to 230°F. The calibration and certification are done under ISO-9001 control.

The bimetallic thermometer on the model HTAB-169 is accurate to ±1% of scale and has a range of -10° to 190°F.

Gradations are 1% Relative Humidity and 2° Fahrenheit.


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Brand Abbeon Cal
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Product FAQ's

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  • Can the Abbeon 9-HTAB176 or 9-HTAB-169 Hygrometer be used in an outdoor environment?
    The 9-HTAB-176 and 9-HTAB-169 Certified Hygrometer and Temperature indicators are designed to be used indoors.
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  • How do I mount my hydrometer and temperature indicator?

    The indicator is a wall mount precision instrument. There are three .125 inch mounting holes on the back flange of the indicator. 

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  • Can I use my hydrometer and temperature indicator inside a saturation diving system?


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  • How often should I recalibrate my hygrometer?
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  • Where can I get my hygrometer recalibrated?
    Amron sends your hygrometer back to the manufacturer for recalibration. There is a cost for this service and there are two recalibration services available. • In-house recalibration • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recalibration You will need to let us know which recalibration you would like to purchase.
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