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Amron International Intellicom Communication Cable - Sold Per Foot

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  • Nominal breaking strength of 480 lbs
  • Pair of twisted shielded conductors with a drain wire
  • Conductors and drain wire are comprised of stranded tinned copper for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Each pair is wrapped with a Z-folded aluminum/polyester shield to eliminate cable cross-talk and improve the cable’sperformance
  • The conductors are color coded for ease of use
  • Outer jacket is constructed of polyurethane which offers superior abrasion and water resistance

Note: Intellicom Communication Cable is Sold Per Foot.


The Intellicom CC1 series communication cable is specifically designed with the diving industry in mind. The cable is constructed of only the highest quality materials to achieve the durability and reliability required for the demanding underwater environment. The CC1 cable was specially designed for optimum audio and is ideal for use in either four or two wire communication applications.

Amron highly recommends the Intellicom communication cable for use with all Amcom ™ radios.

Please consult our reference section page 291 for umbilical wiring options.

Note: Intellicom Communication Cable is Sold Per Foot.


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Brand Amron International
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Product FAQ's

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  • What is the breaking strength of the CC1 Communications Cable?

    480 lbs.

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  • Which splice kit do I use when installing a RMG-4-MP or RMG-4-FS connector on my CC1 communications cable?

    We recommend using the 82-F1 inline splice kit. We chose this resin because it's semi-flexible and extremely durable in the harsh underwater environment.

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  • Does CC1 Communications Cable float in seawater?
    No. CC1 Communications Cable is negatively buoyant in both saltwater and freshwater.
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  • What is the outside diameter of the CC1 Communications Cable outer jacket?
    Approximately .378 inches.
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