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Analox Portable Oxygen Monitor

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  • US Navy approved
  • Water and drop resistant
  • Portable, fast and accurate
  • Large digital display with low battery warning symbol
  • Internal O2 sensor for protection and to minimize the effects of temperature
  • 9V alkaline battery gives long life up to 3 years of intermittent operation before replacement
  • Designed specifically for the Diving Industry, Sport (NITROX),Commercial and Military - where hostile environmental conditionsare the norm not the exception

Analox Portable Oxygen Monitor: Part Number MO2BGYY01 Includes:

  • Internal O2 Sensor: Part Number 9100-9212-5AD
  • Standard Flow Adaptor (one spigot): Part Number MIO2FA
  • DII Flow Adaptor (one spigot): Part Number 8000-0002A
  • 1 Meter Black Rubber Tubing: Part Number MIO2HO
  • 9V alkaline battery


  • Range: 0.1-100% Oxygen
  • Accuracy: 1% of 0-50% calibrated on air, 2% of reading over range 0-100% calibrated Oxygen
  • Resolution: ± 0.1 % Oxygen
  • Display: 3-1/2 in. Digital LCD
  • Operating Temp.: 23° to 122° F (-5° to 50° C)
  • Sensor Life: 2 year limited warranty in air at Normal Temperature and Pressure
  • Sensor Response: Less than 15 seconds to 90% of final reading
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 to 2.5 liters/min. using flow adapter (1 LPM recommended)
  • Dimensions: 3.86 in. H x 2.5 in. W(64 mm) x 1.5 in. D (98 mm x 64 mm x 36 mm)
  • Weight: 7.0 oz. (200 g)

Please reference the FAQ Document located under the "Attachments" tab on this web page.


The Analox Portable Oxygen Monitor is ideal for on-line monitoring, or for verifying oxygen levels from gas cylinders, gas distribution panels, diving chambers and even compost heaps! Analox portable oxygen monitor complete with long life cell and both the standard flow adapter and the domed flow adaptor/restrictor.

The Portable Oxygen Monitor is an accurate fast response hand held personal oxygen monitor consisting of a robust housing with LCD display, on/off switch and calibration knob. The internal PP3 battery provides up to 4000 hour usage. The unique 9212 oxygen sensor is designed with Analox's own temperature compensation to offer enhanced performance, and is provided with a 3 year graded warranty.

This Analox Monitor is supplied with 2 flow adaptors as standard, enabling it to be used as a general oxygen monitor, or for continuous on line O2 analysis, or for gas cylinder verification.


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Brand Analox
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Product FAQ's

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  • Can I replace the sensor myself?

    Yes, but you should follow the procedure listed below or in section 7 of the user manual.

    Sensor replacement procedures.

    a) Replacement sensor part number: 9100-9212-5AD
    b) Remove the 4 screws located at each corner of the unit and carefully lift the lid.
    c) Remove the flow adapter if fitted and slide the sensor out of the lid.
    d) Disconnect the inline sensor connector.
    e) Dispose of the old sensor according to local regulations for Lead and Potassium Hydroxide solution.
    f) Remove the new sensor from its bag and check it for leaks, connect to the inline connector and slide through the lid.
    g) Replace the lid carefully and screw down taking care that the sensor locates properly. Ensure that you do not trap any wires.

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  • Can I replace the battery myself once it has expired in the Portable Oxygen Monitor?

    Yes, this is simple but we recommend that you follow the procedure in the user manual.

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  • My reading doesn’t change when I turn the calibration knob – what should I do?

    It is most likely that you need to purchase a replacement sensor although it is worth checking the connections first.

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  • How often should I calibrate my O2 Portable?

    It is recommended to calibrate your unit before every use.

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  • How do I calibrate the unit?

    Please refer to the user manual.

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  • I have a zero reading – what should I do?

    Check the sensor connection. If this is fine then it is likely that you need a replacement sensor.

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  • I have a “9100-9212-5A” cell in my unit. Is the “9100-9212-5AD” compatible?

    The “9100-9212-5AD” cell has replaced the “9100-9212-5A” and the “9100-9212-5D” cells and is 100% compatible.

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  • What is the difference between the Analox O2DII and the Analox O2 Portable?

    There is no difference. The name was changed in 2008.

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  • Is the O2 Portable water resistant?

    Although designed to be water resistant the O2 Portable should not be intentionally immersed in liquid.

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  • How long does the battery last?

    Approx 4000 hours (Over 166 days!).

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  • My reading doesn’t change to the desired reading when I turn the calibration pot – what should I do?

    It is likely that your sensor needs replacing, please contact your Amron Sales Representative to purchase a new sensor.

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