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Compatible with the standard industry base and available with an optional magnetic base, the 7100 Series Light will seamlessly mount inside pressurized hyperbaric chamber walls. A unique touch pad allows the person inside the chamber to adjust the light intensity from among six settings. The light is powered with either 3- or 4-pin connectors, and the brightness setting can be adjusted outside the chamber by the tender in 4-wire mode.

“This is the first hyperbaric chamber light we have produced, and we couldn’t be more pleased with it,” said Joe Esparza, Product Manager, Amron International. “LED technology allowed us to create a light with smaller housing, is brighter than an incandescent bulb, doesn’t get hot, uses far less energy, and practically lasts forever. The nicest feature though is the adjustable brightness touch pad, so the chamber light can be set to just right for the person inside.”

The LED technology provides a 50,000-hour lamp life and remains cool to the touch, reducing heat build-up, which is especially important inside chamber that are not equipped with cooling systems. The lamp comes standard with a frosted lens, helping diffuse the ambient lighting. In addition, red and blue lenses are also available to provide different lighting effects.

The 7100 Series light is also designed with complete safety in mind. A special vent allows equalization of gas while protecting against moisture entering the light.

The Amron 7100 Series Chamber Light is currently available for purchase on the Amron International website at http://www.amronintl.com/amron-international-7100-series-led-hyperbaric-chamber-light.html.


Depending on the lens color the MSRP is $667 or $682. To learn more about Amron International’s full line of manufactured products, visit http://www.amronintl.com/

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<![CDATA[Introducing Amron's New 350M & 450M BIBS Mask]]> http://www.amronintl.com/blog/Amron-BIBS-Mask/

In these tough economic times we all need to get the most of our equipment and premature failures are not acceptable! Amron is proud to say “breathe easy and put your worries aside”, as we are ecstatic to introduce our newly-designed durable BIB Masks.


The Amron 350M BIBS Mask and Amron 450M BIBS Mask were specifically designed to meet the rigorous Norosk U-101:1999 breathing standard and has been successfully performance tested by NUI and validated by DNV. These accreditations validate our masks’ ability to withstand extreme conditions found in a saturation diving environment.


But we didn’t stop there! Not only have we designed a more reliable and durable frame, we had diver comfort in mind. The silicone oral nasal provides a comfortable fit for all and the full head harness with mesh fabric offers added comfort and ventilation.


With 35 years of experience in the diving industry and a proven track record for reliability and durability, we are proud, confident and enthusiastic to announce our new BIB Masks available at a depth rating of 350 Meters or 450 Meters.  


Order today and let us know how much you love our new BIBS Masks! http://www.amronintl.com/hyperbaric-chamber-equipment/gas-systems/bibs-therapy-mask.html

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<![CDATA[Amron's 7100 Series Hyperbaric Chamber Lights]]> http://www.amronintl.com/blog/Hyperbaric-Chamber-Lights/ Amron 7100 Series Chamber Lights

Don’t you hate it when you’re in the chamber and the lights are blaring in your eyes and the only option is on/off? Finally, a chamber light with a dimmer button!  Amron is proud to announce the design of the most state-of-the-art chamber light on the market today.  Amron’s all-new hyperbaric chamber light features LED technology with an exclusive 6 level light intensity dimmer touch pad. We also designed an optional magnetic base which allows users to move the light to different locations with ease.


As with all products that Amron manufactures, safety and durability are our primary concerns.  The 7100 Series Chamber Lights have been designed with a pressure equalizing vent with a membrane that prevents moisture from entering the housing.   This design also allows the chamber light to be used to depths up to 1000 feet!  To avoid potential toxic off-gassing inherent with most standard cables, Amron has sourced a number of low smoke / halogen free cables to provide a safer environment for the occupants. Compared to standard chamber light fixtures, our chamber lights provide 50,000 hours of lamp life while staying cool to the touch, significantly reducing the heat load inside the chamber.


The Model 7100 Chamber Light comes with a standard 3-pin connector that allows a quick retro fit in existing chambers without rewiring.


The Model 7120 Chamber Light comes with a 4-pin connector which allows for an external dimmer control for the chamber operator, allowing the operator to raise or reduce the light level to check on the conditions in the chamber.


Enlighten yourselves further by watching our awesome Chamber Light Video http://www.amronintl.com/amronchamberlight!

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<![CDATA[Saturation Diving Bell Recovery]]> http://www.amronintl.com/blog/Saturation-Diving/ Click here to watch a video that shows the recovery of a Saturation Diving Bell.

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<![CDATA[See The Light!]]> http://www.amronintl.com/blog/Hyperbaric-Chamber-Light/

Amron International's 7100 Series of LED Hyperbaric Chamber Lights provides industry leading illumination along with a dimmer feature not found on competitor's LED lights.

A unique dimmer button allows the person inside the chamber to adjust the light level from among six settings plus turning the light off. The light comes in two models. The 7100 uses a standard 3-pin connector for easy retrofit. The 7120 comes with a 4-pin connector allowing brightness level adjustment from outside the chamber. The LED light stays cool to the touch, reducing heat in the chamber, and a special vent to equalize gas for the ultimate in safety. Compatible with the standard industry base and available with an optional magnetic base, the 7100 Series Light will seamlessly mount inside pressurized hyperbaric chamber walls.

To learn more about the Amron 7100 Series LED Hyperbaric Chamber Light or place an order, visit http://www.amronintl.com/amron-international-7100-series-led-hyperbaric-chamber-light.html

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