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After a very close call with a huge tiger shark, this diver is very lucky to still have his leg! Although it is still unknown where this video takes place, it is rumored to have taken place at a popular shark diving location in the Bahamas.

Some operators contend that these types of expeditions, though controversial, help dispel perceptions that sharks are savage killers. But critics counter that operators who allow novice divers to swim freely with baited top-level predators are irresponsible.

These Tiger sharks can measure up to 15 feet and weigh almost 1500 pounds. Diving with these sharks unprotected while wearing all black dive gear (Making you look even more like a delicious seal) and shoving a camera with a bright flash in their face is not recommended.

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<![CDATA[Icy Car Crash Survivor Has Dreams of Becoming a Rescue Diver]]> http://www.amronintl.com/blog/survivor-becomes-diver/ On Valentine’s Day 2009, 7-year-old Tiffany Dombrowski stopped breathing for 30 minutes when the pickup truck she was in fell through a patch of thin ice on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. Also in the car was her friend, 9 year-old Savannah Kleinhans, and Savannah’s father, who was driving the truck. Sadly, Savannah and her father did not survive the crash.

Three years after the tragedy, Tiffany is still recovering from brain injuries she sustained in the accident. As she continues her recovery, she is  pursuing her dream of becoming a rescue diver. Her motivation is to one day save someone like her best friend Savannah.

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<![CDATA[Wounded Soldiers Fight Back with SCUBA Careers]]> http://www.amronintl.com/blog/wounded-soldiers/ British soldier Brad Hughes was returning from a patrol in a fortified vehicle known as a Viking when it drove over an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). The huge blast ripped through the vehicle, severely injuring him.

Miraculously he survived, but suffered six fractures and a dislocation to his right foot. More than three years later, he is still receiving treatment.

Brad and his close friend and dive buddy Peter Wesley fought through their injuries, and eventually became British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) Open Water SCUBA instructors. Now they are being celebrated for their outstanding achievements and perseverance!

 Wounded Soldiers Fight Back with SCUBA Careers


Here is the full article from Walesonline.

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<![CDATA[Ocean Technology Systems]]> http://www.amronintl.com/blog/ocean-tech-systems/ Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) is the leading manufacturer of top of the line diving communication systems that tend to every need of military, search & rescue, commercial and sport divers everywhere. One of the most popular products made by OTS is the Buddy Phone. The OTS Buddy Phone is a digital, micro-miniature, ultrasonic transceiver allowing communication between two or more scuba divers or surface stations.  Using "Digital Signal Processing" (DSP) techniques, the OTS Buddy Phone produces uncompromising speech clarity.

Another popular product is their diver hydrophone. The DRS-100B Diver Recall/Hydrophone system is a dive supervisor’s best friend, allowing him to recall free-swimming divers. It will alert all divers within in range with either voice, solid or intermittent tones. 

 Buddy PhoneHydrophone

For more information about the D2 Buddy Phone or the DRS100B Hydrophone System, visit our website or call an Amron associate at (877) 462-6700

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<![CDATA[See Who’s Featured in Amron’s Diving Calendar for January, February, and March]]> http://www.amronintl.com/blog/divingcalendar1qt/ Each day this week we’ll announce who will be featured in the 2012 Amron International Commercial Diving and SCUBA Diving Calendar. Last week you learned who would be gracing the cover. Now, let’s take a peek inside and check out January, February, and March.

Photo provided by Arjan Ensing Duikservices. We love this photo and so did our @amrondiving Facebook fans. This photo had a ton of votes and great comments. Love that Kirby Morgan helmet too!

Amron Diving Calendar January

Photo provided by Loy Solon. One of our favorites here at Amron International (… I wonder why?), this was a great shot of the Amcom II in action.

Amron Diving Calendar February

Photo provided by Oceaneering Diver Welders. Who can work with all these fish swimming around? How many fish can you count?

Amron Diving Calendar March

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