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Amron Annual Photo Contest


Attention all divers! It's that time of year again...for our Annual Photo Contest!

Enter for your chance to win a $500 gift card and be featured in our 2015 Amron Calendar!

One lucky Grand Prize Winner will have their photo on the cover of our Amron Calendar and will also win a $500 gift card.

12 Place Winners will each receive a $150 gift card and have their photo featured as the main photo for one month in our calendar!

All you have to do is submit your photos showing Amron branded products in action to by October 17th, 2014.


For all the details, please see the link below:

Good luck photographers!

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Subsalve Lift Bags - PRICING REDUCED!

Aug 14, 2014 1:53:15 PM

We have just reduced our pricing for Subsalve Lift Bags!

Subsalve's Commercial Diving Lift Bags:

  • Suited for remote locations or deployment from small craft 
  • Capable of being used by single diver
  • Open bottom design allows for self venting during ascent
  • Equipped with plunger dump valve activated by push bottom knob
  • 6000 pounds rated strength
  • Resintreated nylon lift straps sewn directly to the bottom of the lift bag
  • Safe working ratio of 6:1
  • All Subsalve Lift bags meet IMCA (International Marine Contractor’s Association) standards


Subsalve Diving Lift Bags 

Visit the Subsalve page to explore Lift Bags today!


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Amron is pleased to announce we're now stocking Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters!

The Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters accurately measure:


Wind Chill

Wind Speed

and much more!


Amron carries the Kestrel 2000, 3000, 4000, 4000NV, 4500NV, as well as the Relative Humidity Calibration Kit.

This kit is used in calibrating all relative humidity measuring Kestrel Meters.

The large container is used to create a stable environment, while the small containers are used to hold the saturated salt solution. The saturated salt solutions generate well-defined humidities when they are confined to a contained environment.

 Kestrel Weather Meter with Relative Humidity Calibration Kit

Visit the Kestrel page and explore Weather Meters today!


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We are proud to introduce the NEW Sherwood Scuba SR2 Octopus Regulator!

The Sherwood SR2 Octo Regulator continues the legacy the SR1 created and has the same extraordinary breathing characteristics as the SR1. This SR2 Octo is outfitted with a distinctive front cover, a highly visible yellow hose, and still maintains the adjustments that the SR1 has.


The SR2 is more technically advanced and more attractive than its predecessor. The SR2 Octo packs advanced technology into a compact case, employing contemporary styling and utilizing a multitude of cutting edge materials. 

Sherwood SR2 Octopus Regulator

Click here to order your Sherwood Scuba SR2 today


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