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OTS Aquacom® STX-101M Transceiver

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Aquacom® STX-101M: Part Number OTS-900281-001 Includes

  • Hand-Held Microphone: Part Number OTS-910193-000
  • 55 ft. Transducer Cable: Part Number OTS-900096-010
  • Transducer Assembly: Part Number OTS-912020-000
  • (2) Rechargeable Batteries: Part Number OTS-392008-000
    • Expected life: 20 hrs
  • Battery Charger: Part Number OTS-910361-000
  • Tip Plugs to Bare Wire: Part Number OTS-912033-000
  • User Manual

Aquacom® STX-101M (900281-001) Specifications

  • Nominal Range: Calm sea: greater than 1,500 m Sea State 6: 200 m
  • Frequency Range: 30-35 kHz
  • Audio Bandwidth: 300-3,500 Hz
  • Speaker: Front panel speaker with On/Off control
  • Automatic Gain Control: 120 dB dynamic range (AGC)
  • Transducer: Piezoelectric type on 55 ft. cable
  • External Power: 12 VDC at minimum of 4 amps
  • Squelch: User adjustable from the front panel
  • Receiver Sensitivity: Greater than 100 dBv
  • Housing Dimensions: 6.5 in. H × 14 in. W × 10.6 in. D (16.5 cm x 35.6 cm x 26.9 cm)
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs with battery
Aquacom® STX-101M Single Sideband Channels
1 = 32.768 kHz upper 2 = 32.768 kHz lower 3 = 31.250 kHz upper 4 = 31.250 kHz lower
5 = 28.5 kHz upper 6 = 28.5 kHz lower 7 = 25 kHz upper 8 = 25 kHz lower
STX-101M Compatibility Chart
XT-100 Buddy Phone® TEC-BUD MKII BUD Buddy Phone® D2 SP-100D-2 Buddy Phone2®
RX-100-D2-A Buddy Phone® SCU-BUD/S Buddy Phone® SSB-2010 Aquacom® STX-101 Aquacom®
XT-100-H Buddy Phoneï® SSB-1001B Aquacom® RCL-7A Multi-Charging Station SSB-1000D Aquacom
STX-100 Buddy Phone® SSB-2000/1 Aquacom® SSB-1000S Aquacom®  

The Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) Aquacom® STX-101M transceiver is a 10-watt, 8-channel single sideband surface underwater telephone designed for Military and Government use. The dive supervisor will have total communication control with all free swimming scuba divers that are equipped with SSB-1001B Diver transceivers.


Additional Information

Brand OTS
Communication Mode Wireless
Video No

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