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Aqua Lung Rocket Fins II

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  • Traditional all rubber design
  • Popular with military and professional divers
  • Open foot pocket
  • Vented design
  • Neutrally Buoyant (won't sink or float)
  • Foot pocket drain holes
  • Foot pocket ribs reduce suction and help draining
  • Traction feature on bottom of foot pocket
  • Fin strap has large rubber loop for pulling on straps and as third tether option

Aqua Lung Rocket II SCUBA Fins are one of the first vented rubber fins in North America with traditional all rubber design, flexibility, and performance. Comfortable fit and quick removal with a kick of your heel. The Aqua Lung Rocket Fins II features an improved foot pocket design as well as quick release buckles.

The Aqua Lung Rocket II SCUBA Fins are a modern interpretation of the classic version. A light weight, neutrally buoyant rubber compound makes up the body of the fin. The modernized, larger foot pocket accommodates SeaSoft Stealth Military Boots, combat style boots, and drysuit boots. Drain holes and a bottom traction feature have also been added to the Rocket II foot pocket.

The heavy duty stainless steel buckles have threaded bolt and locknut for easy replacement.


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Brand Aqua Lung
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