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Analox HABAACA5601A HBOT Aspida with Wall Clip. O2 Range: 0 To 100%, CO2 Range: 0 To 5%, SEV Complete with US Charger

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Choose the right Aspida for your Application:

  HBOT Aspida ADM Aspida SUB Aspida

Hyperbaric (Inside Chamber up to 3BarA)
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Panel

Surface Supplied Air Diving
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Panel

Surface Supplied Air Diving
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Panel
Gases O2/CO2 Dual

O2/CO2 Dual

O2/CO2 Dual
Type Portable
Wall Mount (with Optional Clip)
Panel Portable
Wall Mount (with Optional Clip)
Use in Chamber? Yes No No
Compliance N/A IMCA No


  • The HBOT Aspida can operate at pressures up to 3BarA, with the pressure reading being shown on the display
  • Partial pressure readings of both oxygen and carbon dioxide can be displayed in either %, mBar or %SEV(Surface Equivalent)
  • The HBOT Aspida is portable with a 12 hour battery life so can be viewed anywhere in the chamber
  • Very easy to calibrate (O2 can be calibrated in fresh air without calibration gas)
  • Data can easily be downloaded using the USB port
  • Audible and visual alarm warnings should the O2 percentage go above a pre-set alarm level


  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C
  • Operating pressure: 800 to 3000 mbar
  • Display: High-visibility, Organic Light Emitting Diode(OLED) display
  • Alarm horn: 95dB @ 30cm (110dB – man-down alarm)
  • LED indicators:
    • 1 x Green – OK
    • 1 x Amber – Fault
    • 3 x Red – Alarm
  • Internal data log: 1 log every 30 seconds for at least 7 days of continuous use
  • Batteries: 2 x NiMH 2100 mAh AA batteries (rechargeable)
  • Battery life:12 hours under normal operation (passive atmospheric monitoring, minimal user interaction, no alarms)
  • Battery replacement: Every 2 years
  • Battery charge time: 4.5 hours (from fully discharged)
  • Charger power supply rating: 9v DC to 0.55ADC jack 5.5x2.1mm (12mm) center +ve
  • Calibration adapter max flow: 0.5 l/min
  • EMC performance: 
    • Portable unit fully satisfies MIL STD 461F 
    • Charger compliant @ 14cm for emissions RE101
    • CE marked
  • Carbon Dioxide Sensor:
    • Sensor type: Analox infra-red MIR
    • Range: 0.01 to 5.00% Surface Equivalent Value (SEV)*
    • Accuracy (at standard temperature): ± (1% of full scale + 2% of reading)at 950 to 1050mbar ambient pressure otherwise± (2% of full scale + 2% of reading)
    • Response time:T90 < 60 seconds
    • Sensor life span:5 years
  • Oxygen Sensor:
    • Sensor type: Electrochemical
    • Range:0.1 to 2000.0 mbar PPO2 (0.1 to 100.0% O2 at 1000mbar)*
    • Accuracy (at constant temperature and pressure): ±1% of full scale
    • Response time: T90 < 30 seconds
    • Sensor life span: 1 year (expected) at 209mbar, 25°C and 50% RH

*Other measurement units available.

This Analyzer uses Analox Sensor:

  • 9100-1020RK

Analox have supplied gas monitoring solutions for the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) industry since the1980s. Until now, a portable monitor operating at pressure, with alarms for both O2 and CO2 inside the chamber was not available.

The Analox HBOT Aspida was designed in conjunction with industry experts to ensure it delivers the functionality required by chamber operators, attendants inside the chamber and other medical professionals involved in the administration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

It is important that an independent O2 and CO2 reading can be taken inside the chamber to ensure that the chamber gas levels are monitored closely by the chamber operator to ensure the safety and comfort of all chamber occupants.

The Analox HBOT Aspida ensures you adhere to the following clauses in BSEN1493:2006 and EN14931:2006(E):

  • 4.3.5 - Means shall be provided so that during ventilation the pressure does not vary by more than +/- 5%
  • 4.5.4 - Continuous measurement, display and recording of the oxygen concentration in percent by volume shall be possible separately for each antechamber and main chamber.
  • 4.5.5 - When the 23% volumetric oxygen concentration of the air inside the chamber is exceeded, a visual audible alarm shall be tripped at the control console.

Uses for the Analox HBOT Aspida include:

  • Mount the HBOT Aspida on your panel using the wall mount clip and use as your primary source of chamber atmosphere analysis or place inside of the chamber as a back up system
  • Offers ideal redundancy for your existing panel monitor to monitor your chamber for O2 and CO2 from inside the hyperbaric environment
  • As the unit is portable it can be used to check for leaks of O2 from your BIBS, hoods or face masks
  • The unit can provide CO2 data for intubated patients inside the chamber (e.g. severe carbon monoxide or necrotising fasciitis patients))

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  • Which Aspida should I choose for my application?
    The Sub Aspida can be used onboard submarines, during surface supplied air diving operations and on the outside of the chamber to monitor the chamber atmosphere. The ADM Aspida is a panel mount analyzer designed for use during surface supplied air diving and on the outside of the chamber to monitor the chamber atmosphere. The HBOT Aspida is ideally suited to work in the hyperbaric chamber but could also be used "at the surface" as a chamber atmosphere monitor
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