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Amron International Model 3111 Two-Way Speaker with Call Switch

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  • 8 Ohm
  • 15 Watts speaker
  • Housing is die cast zinc with gray powder coat with 300 series stainless steel front panel 


  • Height: 5.5 in.
  • Width: 5.5 in.
  • Depth: 4 in.
  • Weight: 5 lbs.


  • 7 Pin MS Connector: Part Number MS-3106A-16S-1S
  • MS Cable Clamp 16S-1: Part Number MS-3057-8A

2 or 3 Year Extended Warranties are available for this product. Please refer to the Attachments tab for further information on the program and the Accessories tab to purchase them.


The Amron Internatioanl Model 3111 Two-Way Speaker with Call Switch provides chamber to dive control communication.

Two-way speaker. Call switch, chamber to Dive Control (DC). Headset jack is wired for conference style communications (duplex). Speaker is 15 Watts, 8 ohm.

Optional headset permits conversation without disturbing other chamber occupants. Individual connections for headset and speaker allow DC to continue chamber monitoring while communicating with a person using the headset.

A Push-to-Call switch activates a call indicator on the Amron Comm Routing Panel (CRP). The CRP activates an audio alarm and a visual indicator identifying the caller's location. Housing is die cast zinc with gray epoxy powdercoat.


DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Amron's communications equipment is designed to be used in air chambers where oxygen concentrations remain below 23.5%. Our communications products (including communicators, speakers, entertainment systems, and other communications accessory items) are NOT designed for oxygen service, are not intrinsically safe, and do not meet the criteria given in NFPA-99, Chapter 20 and other applicable definitions. Use of our products in high-concentration Oxygen environments may result in serious injury and/or death.


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Brand Amron International

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  • Does the chamber speaker have a depth rating?

    The 3110 Chamber Speaker is commonly used in Commercial Diving Saturation Systems, that in some cases, are rated to 450 meters. However, the 3110 Chamber Speaker was never tested by a third party that would allow us to provide an official depth rating.

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  • How many speakers do I need per chamber?

    In most cases you would have one speaker per chamber; you might also include a Bunk Box (P/N 3112) so your divers can communicate with the surface from their bunk.

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  • Can any of these chamber speakers be used with the sound powered phone?

    No. The sound powered phone is a different type of communications system that does not require any type of power source. The sound powered phone is mainly used as an emergency back-up.

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