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Amron International BP-44-03 MK20 Earphone Assembly with Microphone 2PME Included

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What's Included?

  • Bone Conducting Earphone
  • Microphone Connector 
  • 2PME Preamplified Microphone  
  • Umbilical Connector


  •  DC5CM-1 Male Nexus Connector to mate to Aga (MK20) Umbilical
  • Bone Conducting Earphone Part No. 1406-2
  • Female Microphone Connector to fit the 2PME Pre-Amplified Mic or the Amron 1404 Dynamic Mic
  • Total Length is 48 in. Long



The Amron International BP-44-03 MK20 Earphone Assembly with DC5CM-1 Male Nexus Connector for the AGA mask features a molded bone conducting earphone, microphone connection to fit the 2PME preamplified microphone or the Amron 1404 dynamic microphone and 2PME Preamplified Microphone.


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Brand Amron International
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  • How do I secure the Bone Phone on my BP-44 Communications Assembly to my AGA mask?

    The easiest location to secure the Bone Phone to the AGA mask is to place the bone phone under one of the head harness straps toward the center area of the harness. Place the Bone Phone between your head and the head harness and tighten down the 5 straps of the head harness.

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