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Amron International Amcom ™ I Communicator with Non-Rechargeable Battery

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Availability: 14 available on Dec 5, 2014

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  • NEW MP3 Player Input - Connects to an external audio signal for diver entertainment
  • Improved battery life - 120 hours
  • Improved speaker clarity 
  • Enough audio power to support two divers
  • External 12 VDC power connection 
  • Independent diver and tender controls
  • All connections on side of case for remote operation with lid closed
  • 2- and/or 4-wire operation standard
  • Tape Record Jack is standard
  • The unit can be left on charge indefinitely without damage to the batteries or communicator (2810E versions only)
  • The communicator can be operated directly from the charger where AC power is available (2810E versions only)

Non-Rechargeable: Part Number 2810E-1 Includes

  • (2) 6 VDC Screw-Top Dry Cell Battery: Part Number 2890-01 - Expected life: 120 hrs
  • User Manual


  • Power: 12-Volt DC
  • Frequency response: 300 to 4000 Hz
  • Audio power output: 20 Watts per channel
  • Isolation transformer: Split Bobbin Medical Grade
  • Non-rechargeable Battery: 2 each 6-Volt DC spring-top dry-cell configured to 12-Volt DC. Expected life: 120 hours

Weight and Dimensions

  • Height: 7.0 in. (28.0 cm)
  • Width: 9.0 in. (35.4 cm)
  • Depth: 6.55 in. (25.3cm)
  • Weight: 7 lbs. (3.2 kg)

Tech Note

All communicators will transfer topside noise to the diver when using the radio speaker only. To eliminate background noise and achieve clear concise communications, use a Push-to-Talk microphone, headset, or a Remote Walk-and-Talk with a headset.

2 and 3 year extended warranties are available for this product.  Please refer to the Attachments tab for further information on the program and the Accessories tab to purchase them.


The Amron International Amcom ™ I Communicator with Non-Rechargeable Battery boasts 20 watts of audio power with state-of-the-art electronics to make the Amcom ™ I Series the best portable one-diver communicator for hard-wire underwater radio communication on the market. It now features an MP3 connection that allows you to listen to your favorite music while you work. Housed in a compact and extraordinarily sturdy case, this diver communication radio is available in the traditional 6-Volt lantern battery non-rechargeable version, as well as a rechargeable version, which is powered by Amron's external charger and optimized with a gel-cell battery.



Additional Information

Brand Amron International
Communication Mode 2-wire/4wire

Product FAQ's

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  • Can you stack the banana plugs from the diver's communications cable so you can have two or three divers on the one diver communicator?

    You can stack up to two divers on the one diver communicator. Stacking three divers is not recommended.

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  • Can I connect my one diver communicator to my computer so I can record audio?

    Yes, you will need a cable that allows you to connect the communicator to your computer. You will also need audio recording software installed on your computer. On the back of the communicator there is a single RCA Phono jack (color-coded black) that provides a transformer isolated of both the diver and tender communications. It is designed to drive the standard line-level inputs of audio or video recorders with input impedances as low as 600 Ohms.

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  • Will the 2810A-FS Field Service kit work on my 2810E Communicator?

    Yes, the 2810A-FS Field Service kit will work on both the 2810A and 2810E communicators. 

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  • Can the diver listen to music if his umbilical is configured for 2-Wire communications?

    No. The MP3 Player feature can only operate in 4-Wire mode.

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  • How do I control the music volume I’m sending the diver?

    There is no separate volume control provided for the MP3 player input so you will have to use the MP3 player to control the music volume.

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  • Will the tender hear the music the diver is listening to?

    No, the signal can not be heard by the tender.

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  • Will my recording device record the music the diver is listening to? 

    No, the music signal is not sent to the tape recorder output.

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  • If I were to connect my smartphone to the MP3 player input, would the diver be able to speak to someone over the phone?

    Yes, however the tender is required to turn on the communicator speaker and set the phone’s microphone next to it so the caller can hear the diver. We also found that the diver’s voice can be difficult to understand for the caller, so we recommend that the diver speak very slowly and clearly. 

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  • Can my Amcom communicator work on 240V / 60Hz?
    Yes, the unit will operate on 240V 50/60Hz.
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  • Can I operate my communicator while I’m charging the internal battery?
    Yes, however, the charger will charge the battery at a slower rate as some of the charger power is being used to operate the communicator. For the communicator only, units without options, about 20% of the charger’s power is being used by the communicator but units with HSU (Helium Speech Unscrambler) most of the battery charger energy is going to the communicator and HSU.
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  • Why does the speaker on my communicator sound muffled?
    The simplest way to fix this issue is to unplug the red banana plug from the red microphone 5-way binding post on the communicator and rotate it 180 degrees then reinstall it. This should fix your problem. For a more detailed explanation of what happened, please read below. The issue is not with the communicator, it is with the wiring of the umbilical. There is always the potential for wiring the speakers and microphone out of phase, similar to wiring the speakers on a car stereo system. There is an orientation to the banana jacks and they should be wired for proper phasing with the communicator. A banana plug does have an identified ground side marked on the plug. Amron always sets up their umbilicals so that the ground side is located on the left side so the user can consistently plug in their umbilical and avoid phasing issues. If a banana plug is plugged upside down or is wired out of phase, the sound quality will be significantly reduced. If the phasing is out and the orientation of both plugs are the same, then the banana plug wiring should be reversed on “only one plug” to avoid this issue again. It does not matter which plug you choose to reverse the wiring on.
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