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Amron International Model 3226 Chamber Communication Routing Panel

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  • Twelve bunk station channels, arranged in two chambers, six stations per chamber
  • Two Communication Station channels per chamber: one chamber, one entry lock with Push To Call
  • Two Helium Unscrambler channels. Each can be used as primary communication or split for two independent conversations
  • Two Entertainment channels with two audio sources per channel
  • Audio/Visual call indicator for each chamber location
  • Operator can route private or conference conversation through one helium unscrambler, leaving the other for chamber monitoring
  • Includes a noise canceling hand-held microphone for operator

Chamber Communication Routing Panel - P/N: 3226 Includes:

  • Hand-Held Push-to-Talk Microphone - P/N: 2405-28
  • (12) MS Connector Cables 14 Pin Female - P/N: MS-3106A-20-27S
  • (12) MS Cable Clamps 20/22 Shells - P/N: MS-3057-12A
  • (4) MS Connector Cables 7 Pin Male - P/N: MS-3106A-16S-1P
  • (4) MS Cable Clamps 16 Shell - P/N: MS-3057-8A
  • (2) MS Connector Cables 5 Pin Male - P/N: MS-3106A-14S-5P
  • (2) MS Cable Clamps 14 Shell - P/N: MS-3057-6A
  • (2) MS Connector Cables 20 Pin Male - P/N: MS-3106A-28-16P
  • (2) MS Cable Clamps 24/28 Shells - P/N: MS-3057-16A
  • (2) MS Connector Cables 4 Pin Female - P/N: MS-3106A-14S-2S
  • (2) MS Cable Clamps 14 Shell - P/N: MS-3057-6A
  • (1) Power Cord - P/N: P-2392
  • User Manual


  • Call Circuit Channels: 16 each 8 per chamber (6 Bunk Boxes,1 Comm. Box, and 1 Entry Lock)
  • Input/Outputs: MS connectors, on rear panel (MIL- C- 5015)
  • Enclosure: 19 in. Retma Rack Mount, anodized aluminum
  • Height: 7 in. (17.8 cm)
  • Width: 19 in. (48.3 cm)
  • Depth: 13 in. (33 cm)
  • Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)

2 and 3 Year Extended Warranties are available for this product. Please refer to the Attachments tab for further information on the program.


Amron International's Model 3226 Chamber Communication Routing Panel controls communications for a DDC saturation diving system between Dive Control and the saturation chamber. The operator is able to quickly identify the origin and routing of a signal and make simple interconnections throughout the system.

All signals are routed through Amron Helium Speech Unscramblers for voice correction. Routes audio entertainment signals to two channels, four sources, from AM/FM radios, tape players, television, or movie soundtracks.

Maximum capacity is a 12-man complex arranged as two 6-man chambers with two entry locks. May also be used for smaller chambers.

All system input/output interconnects rear panel MS type connectors (military standard). Like function cables are identical and interchangeable. This feature simplifies installation, maintenance, and repair parts.


Additional Information

Brand Amron International
Communication Mode 2-wire/4wire
Video No

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