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SEA CON RMG-2-FS-GRIPPER RMG Series In-Line Gripper Rubber Molded Connector - 2 Pin Female

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  • Material: Special Neoprene, Molded
  • Contacts: Copper Alloy, Hard Gold Plated per ASTM-B-488
  • Voltage Rating: 600 VDC-contact factory for higher voltage requirements
  • Pressure Rating, Mated: up to 20,000 psi
  • Max Amps: 5.6

  • Orderng Information (Please contact your Amron Representative for connectors not listed)
    In-Line Connector
    Dummy Plugs
    Female Socket
    Male Pin
    18 in. Cable
    Female High Pressure (For use up to 20,000 PSI)(44,000 ft./13,000m)
    Male Low Pressure (For use up to 4,000 PSI)(9,000 ft./2,700m)
    Male High Pressure (For use 4,000 PSI to 20,000 PSI)(44,000 ft./13,000m)
    RMG-2-FS Gripper
    RMG-2-MP Gripper
    18/2 (AWG SO)
    RMG-3-FS Gripper
    RMG-3-MP Gripper
    18/3 (AWG SO)
    RMG-4-FS Gripper
    RMG-4-MP Gripper
    18/4 (AIW SJO)*

Not designed to work with locking sleeves

* For Kirby Morgan Helmets


Note to Commercial Divers: The RMG-4-FS-GRIPPER and RMG-4-MP-GRIPPER is the 18 Gauge, 4 Contact Connector with the (SJ / SJOOW AIW-K) Cable Jacket for use with the KMDSI Helmets.

SEA CON® Marsh & Marine® RMG Series Waterproof connectors are the industry standard for Kirby Morgan Helmets, Masks, and Diver Umbilicals. Other typical uses are for underwater cameras, lighting systems, and instrumentation. The Marsh Marine connectors are universally mateable to most major brands in this category. The RMG Gripper is an excellent choice for wet conditions.

Identical fit and function as the standard RMG in-line connector. This is a more rugged and durable connector. Ideally suited for the Commercial Diver or any application where there will be frequent mates and demates. Gripper models mate with existing standard RMG SEA CON® Marsh & Marine® connectors.

The time proven Rubber Molded Series is one of the most inexpensive lines and has been used on all types of underwater instrumentation including: underwater lighting, communications, ROV's, thermistor arrays, hydrophone arrays, and all types of sonar systems. The contacts are gold plated per ASTM-B-488 and the series is rated up to 20,000 psi in a mated condition.

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Please reference the Documents Tab below for printable Manufacturer Technical Data.

Please note that the RMG Gripper does not utilize Locking Sleeves.


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